“Carrier Grade” Product, Skills and Solutions… Nothing less!

Founded in 2006, Carrier Class Communications focuses on Technology originating from South Africa.

We have retained the leading position in revolutionary technology since 2006 to become a major player in the distribution of Cloud, Intelligent Systems, Asset Management, Facilities Management, Wifi Networking and Environmental Monitoring. The rapid expansion and commitment to service excellence has positioned Carrier as the market leader in to the world, being the resellers first choice for sourcing leading IT Hardware and Networking solutions.

We continuously strive to extend geographical coverage of our business and at the same time increase customer values and enhance the efficiency of how customers do business with us. Building close relationships with leading vendors throughout the world and local professional resellers, we develop our business with the ambition to secure a satisfying profitability for all partners within the business channel.

Carrier Class refers to hardware and software used in large, high-speed networks. It implies extremely reliable, well tested and proven. Telephone companies, major ISPs and large enterprises purchase carrier-class equipment. Also called “carrier grade.”

Our Infrastructure Footprint

Carrier is a TIER 4 Global Internet Services Provider, Cloud Services and Domain Name Registrar.

Our cloud provides access to a multitude of software tools on 55000+ servers live in a total of nine facilities around the world.

To list a few data center locations our software is spanned over: Phoenix, Arizona, and two leased sites in the state: Scottsdale, which is also home to a headquarters datacenter, and Mesa. The others are in Los Angeles, Chicago, Ashburn, Virginia, Amsterdam and Singapore.

The Phoenix Datacenter is more than 25 000 square meters in size loaded with IaaS, PaaS, lots of open source tech.

In addition to our large data center footprint, our partners would have access to sophisticated IT architecture to deliver their services. The stack relies on a lot of open source technology :), this keeps our prices competitive to sustain our healthy growth.

Our hosting services are supported by a single automated infrastructure built on OpenStack, the popular open source cloud architecture.

One level up from the IaaS setup is the our Platform-as-a-Service, which provides an integrated set of services to its customers and enables us to build and deploy new products quickly and easily.

Carrier also uses open source Apache Hadoop to store and process data collects through web crawling, local listings, social and mobile platforms to provide business intelligence to its customers.

We use Cassandra, an open source distributed database management system, to improve replication of customer data. A single Cassandra cluster can span multiple data centers, which enables replication across sites for our ambitious cloud expansion plans.

The Founder and Developer of Carrier Class: David Evans - South Africa

David is currently focused on Secure Private or Public Cloud originating from South Africa to the World.

“A humble welcome to all the Carrier Class web visitors” – David Evans

If you would like to get in touch with him directly or other Carrier Clients, register an account at https://carrier.chat or send a message from ourĀ Contact Page

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